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Shivalik Highstreet: Revolutionizing Urban Design

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Ahmedabad, a city in western India, has a rich history and culture. Over the years, it has undergone significant changes and evolved into a modern metropolis. One of the areas that has witnessed this transformation is Bodakdev, an upscale locality in the city. The Shivalik Highstreet project by the Shivalik Group is one of the architectural gems in this area. The project's design is visually stunning but also serves as a social hub for people.


A Paradigm Shift in Urban Design
Shivalik Highstreet transcends the definition of a commercial complex; it stands as a testament to pioneering urban design. The Shivalik Group, renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence, embarked on this project to create something extraordinary. Their vision was not just to cater to the city's lifestyle needs but to etch an indelible mark on its architectural landscape.

Unconventional and Innovative Design
The design of Shivalik Highstreet is unparalleled in Ahmedabad and India as a whole. Its most striking feature is the "Namstey" (a traditional Indian greeting) shaped building that symbolizes welcome and inclusivity. The concept was conceived by architects and designers who aimed to shatter conventional architectural norms and create a landmark that celebrated Indian culture and values.

An Ideation
The idea behind Shivalik Highstreet had a threefold purpose: to create something unique, to transform the city's skyline, and, most importantly, to extend a warm welcome to all. 

Let's explore each facet in depth:

Creating Something Unique
In a world filled with cookie-cutter buildings and shopping complexes, Shivalik Group sought to provide an unparalleled experience. The choice of the "Namstey" design went beyond aesthetics; it held cultural significance. This design is an invitation, a warm embrace for all visitors, and a reminder of the rich Indian heritage that thrives in the heart of modern Ahmedabad.

Changing the City's Skyline
While Ahmedabad has experienced rapid urban development, Shivalik Highstreet elevated it to the next level. The distinctive shape of the building has become an iconic feature of the city's skyline. It symbolizes the city's progress and forward-thinking spirit, serving as a testament to Ahmedabad's readiness to embrace innovation.

Welcoming Everyone to Our City
The shape of Shivalik Highstreet goes beyond aesthetics; it conveys a profound message of welcome. It embodies Ahmedabad's spirit—a city known for its warmth, inclusivity, and hospitality. Shivalik Group intended to create a space where individuals from diverse backgrounds could come together, feel at home, and enjoy all that the complex offers.

Shivalik Highstreet is a commercial complex located in Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, that stands out as an architectural masterpiece. It's not just a regular building, but an embodiment of the Shivalik Group's vision to create something unique, redefine the city's skyline, and extend a warm welcome to Ahmedabad. With its grandeur and innovative design, Shivalik Highstreet has become a symbol of welcome and an inspiration for other commercial developments in the city.


- Jayshree Ochwani