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Launching Shivalik CURV: A Smart Investment in GIFT City

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Shivalik CURV is a prestigious commercial project in the heart of GIFT City, offering modern office spaces, showrooms, and retail spaces. Explore its potential for capital appreciation, high rental income, and tax benefits.

We have just received RERA for Shivalik Curv. This will be the Twisted Commercial Landmark of India. It will put GIFT City on the World Map.


GIFT City, rapidly emerging as a prominent financial hub in India, presents an unparalleled
investment opportunity with "Shivalik CURV," a strategically positioned commercial project.

Nestled at the heart of GIFT City, adjacent to the iconic GIFT Tower and GIFT Club, Shivalik CURV enjoys seamless connectivity through major highways and public transportation

CURV boasts an array of commercial spaces, including cutting-edge office spaces, spacious showrooms, and prime retail spaces. Its office spaces epitomize modernity and efficiency, featuring high ceilings, abundant natural light, and state-of-the-art amenities. The generously lit and spacious showrooms cater to businesses seeking to showcase their products and services. The ground-floor retail spaces, strategically located, are tailor-made to attract a steady stream of foot traffic.

Beyond its prime location and contemporary amenities, CURV offers a suite of
compelling benefits for investors, including:

High Potential for Capital Appreciation

In one of India's fastest-growing areas, CURV is poised for substantial capital appreciation in the years ahead.

High Rental Income

CURV enjoys a premium commercial address surrounded by businesses of all scales, ensuring consistent demand for office, showroom, and retail space. Investors can expect a lucrative rental income.

Tax Benefits
GIFT City offers attractive tax incentives, including reduced property taxes and exemptions from capital gains tax. These incentives significantly enhance the overall investment appeal of CURV.

The CURV is a prudent investment choice for those seeking to leverage the growth of GIFT City. The project combines a prime location, modern amenities, substantial capital appreciation potential, and robust rental income prospects. If you aspire to nurture your wealth, The Curv is a compelling option.


Here are additional reasons to consider The CURV in GIFT City

Reputed Developer

Developed by Shivalik Group, a distinguished name in Indian real estate known for delivering quality projects, CURV offers the assurance of a secure investment.

World-renowned Architects

A globally acclaimed team that curates The CURV's design, ensuring a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality poised for enduring value appreciation.

Highest Standards

CURV adheres to the highest quality and safety standards, safeguarding your investment.

Unique Design

The CURV offers wide office spaces with scenic views of the riverfront and the skyline of GIFT City. It is a modern office complex with a curved design that offers stunning city views.

For astute investors seeking a wise investment opportunity within GIFT City, CURV represents an optimal choice.

- Khushbu Raval